Jayashree has been eliminated from the Kiccha Sudeep's "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. And Tsunami Kitty has turned safe for the second time in a row. They were the only two inmates, who were in the danger zone this week.

The audience had predicted on social media sites that Jayashree would be shown the door and it did not come as a surprise. It was because of her inactive participation in the show and most importantly, she was not a familiar face among the audience as compared to Tsunami Kitty, who is a known face due to his participation in reality shows.

During her two-week stay, Jayashree, who is a dancer by profession, had tried to bond well with a couple of contestants.  Last week, Madhuri was eliminated from the show.

Jayashree had a lot of funny conversations with Huccha Venkat even though he was seen fuming over her smoking habit. He had also objections over her dress sense.

However, just minutes before Kiccha Sudeep made the announcement, Jayashree had a clash with Master Anand and used 'f' word and shocked the viewers. Huccha Venkat objected over the language that she used to express her anger and there was a kind of drama between the breaks. 

'Varada Kathe Kicchana Jothe'
Kiccha Sudeep, in his usual manner, had an interactive talk with the inmates. The host had advises and suggestions for most of the contestants. 

Sudeep raised the issue of Master Anand passing an undignified comment against the cameramen in the Bigg Boss house and asked him to respect them. On the other side, he tried to point out RJ Nethra about playing spoilsport in the task. Even though the Bigg Boss had given her the secret task, there was no need for her to accomplish it as per the guideliness.