Updated: Sushma Veer has been eliminated from "Bigg Boss" 3 Kannada. She joined the reality show midway as a wild card entrant and stayed for a couple of weeks. 

The former actress entered the house with a bang and unsettled all the inmates, who were playing the safe game. Her first target was Shruthi, who happens to be her cousin, and later many had issues with her. 

Sushma Veer will be known as a straight-forward person. Nonetheless, everybody in unison admits that she had good intentions but the way she communicated her messages did not go well with them. During her stay, she shared good relationship with Pooja Gandhi and NC Aiyappa even though the cricketer at times had minor clashes.

Before leaving the house, the Bigg Boss gave a special permission to name one person who will be the captain of the house next week and she surprisingly opted for Rehman.

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With only a few weeks left for the grand finale, "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada is ready to eliminate one more contestant. This week, Sushma, Rehman, Pooja Gandhi, Aiyappa and Chandan are in the danger zone.

While Rehman, Pooja Gandhi, Aiyappa and Chandan have been in the house from Day One, Sushma is a wild-card entrant, having come in only a couple of weeks ago. It has to be noted that she has been directly nominated by Gauthami, and others were pushed into the danger zone through the regular confession process.

Among the five, Aiyappa is most likely to be safe as he has been playing the game well. The cricketer has been quite smart with his strategies, and is a strong contender to win the third season of "Bigg Boss" Kannada. The next safest contestants will possibly be Chandan and Pooja Gandhi. They have good a fan-base, and have entertained viewers in one way or the other.

If audience predictions are anything to go by, either Rehman or Sushma will be shown the door this week due to their lack of participation and commitments in tasks. However, there are also voices that say Pooja Gandhi should be eliminated as they feel her interactions with Aiyappa are turning out to be boring. Some even say Chandan should be out of the show for no definite reason.

Meanwhile, there is a rumour that Bigg Boss might surprise viewers with a double elimination.