'Bigg Boss 3' Kannada contestants Ravi Mooruru, Neha Gowda and Kruthika have been nominated for the elimination this week. As Mooruru and Gowda got the maximum votes, they were pushed to the danger zone.

But it seems Kruthika is unlucky as she entered the danger zone directly after captain Anand named her for the elimination.

Ravi Mooruru and Kruthika are in the danger zone for the second time. In fact, they were nominated in the very first week itself.

Many inmates cited Ravi Mooruru is selfish for nominating him. Adding to that, his lack of participation had also made a few to nominate him for the elimination. Neha Gowda and Kruthika were pushed to danger zones for different reasons.

The general opinion about the trio inside the house is that they are not genuine persons and they are not giving 100% commitment to the tasks. We have to wait and see who will be shown the door in the coming week. Already, Madhuri and Jayashree have been eliminated from "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada.

Visible changes in Huccha Venkat's behaviour
Huccha Venkat is a changed man. One can witness visible changes in his behaviour inside the house. On Monday, he admitted that he was trying to change and spend time alone.

In the initial days, Huccha Venkat was in the bad books of the inmates due to his restrictive nature. Now, he seems to have turned out to be a lovely brother of the female contestants in the house. This became evident after he was asked to share the punishment of Pooja Gandhi in which she had to write a Kannada sentence 100 times.

She could not complete it and the Bigg Boss asked Huccha Venkat as her brother to write on behalf of Pooja Gandhi.