Rehman Haseeb, Neha Gowda,Tsunami Kitty and Pooja Gandhi have been nominated for elimination this week on "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada.

Among the 11 contestants, Master Anand and Shruthi were kept out, because Anand had won the task last week while actress Shruthi had the advantage of being captain, who cannot be nominated by the inmates.

If Rehman Haseeb was nominated directly last week after his team failed in a task, Tsunami Kitty and Pooja Gandhi were nominated based on the votes. Neha entered the danger zone due to captain Shruthi's vote for the direct nomination.

What audience say

People on social media say Neha Gowda might be evicted from the house this week. She has not been very active in tasks given by the Bigg Boss and had drawn the audience's attention with her proximity with Rehman Haseeb.

Adding to that, Neha Gowda is not a celebrity and does not have fans that other contestants in the show enjoy to save her from elimination.

Pooja Gandhi-Aiyappa, are they serious?

Pooja Gandhi seems to have started liking NC Aiyappa from nowhere. The actress has bonded well with the cricketer for several weeks. Bhavana Belagere feels that the "Mungaaru Male" girl is serious about Aiyappa and gossip about them has already started doing the rounds inside the house.

But NC Aiyappa is not serious and was seen saying he was ignoring her. He said Pooja was craving for attention. Aiyappa has clarified that he is already seeing someone and the question of liking Pooja does not arise.


Shruthi has been a mother figure for the inmates. But that perception seems to be changing as the contestants have slowly started sharing their unhappiness over her. Bhavana and Rahman were caught on camera while they were secretly talking about mistakes committed by her.