The finalists of
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The grand finale of "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada is just three days away. This time, five contestants are in the last loop and there is a tough competition among the inmates to lift the trophy.

Just in: Shruthi wins the Trophy, Chandan first runner-up

The Kiccha Sudeep's "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada was kicked-off on 25 October, 2015. 15 contestants from different backgrounds had confidently entered the house with the hope that they would emerge victorious despite all odds. But only five have managed to enter the final stage. 

Actress Pooja Gandhi, TV and cinema artiste Master Anand, budding actor Chandan Kumar, yesteryear actress Shruthi and TV anchor Rehman are the five in the race to win the third season of "Bigg Boss" Kannada. The one big name that is missing in the list is Tsunami Kitty.

Many believe that Tsunami Kitty would have been a strong contender if he was not eliminated two weeks ago. Even though he was nominated for record eight times, he had managed to secure good number of votes from the audience every time he was nominated for the elimination. But in the end, Kitty was shown the door when the show entered the crucial stage.

Coming to the five contestants, they have performed well in most of the tasks to justify their stay in "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. But Master Anand and Pooja Gandhi are favourites to win if the show organisers consider their active involvement in tasks as a major parameter to choose the winner. Especially, Anand as an entertainer has won the hearts of the audience. 

If popularity and audience votes are taken into consideration, then it might be difficult for people to judge the winner at this stage as all the five have strong fan base.