"Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house is a place where controversies are the order of the day and adding fuel to the raging fire, Pooja Gandhi shockingly made Chandan wash her underwear. The television actor confessed this on Monday's episode. 

Chandan has alleged that Pooja made him wash her underwear and the upset actor was seen talking about it with other inmates including Kruthika. 

The budding actor was visibly upset and criticised her with strong words. The other inmates were shocked to hear but Kruthika felt that Pooja Gandhi might have accidentally dropped her innerwear for washing.

Nonetheless, this has created a controversy and fans of Chandan are slamming the actress saying that a star of her calibre should not have stooped so low to seek revenge. 

Pooja Gandhi gave around 35 clothes to wash recently. It is clear that she is seeking revenge against Chandan for all the comments he slyly made about her. 

Why is Chandan washing clothes of the inmates?
After Pooja Gandhi was asked to leave the house, Bigg Boss gave her special powers to nominate one person, who will be responsible for washing the clothes of all the inmates. The actress had suggested Chandan's name and cited that he was a little lazy in the house. Hence, she was taking his name.

This was taken in good spirits and there were no hard feelings. However, Pooja Gandhi came to know about all the comments passed by Chandan behind her back after leaving the house during her chat with Sudeep. This obviously did not go down well with her.

It looks like Pooja Gandhi was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge against Chandan and once she re-entered the house, the actress gave plenty of clothes for wash.