Pooja Gandhi, who was eliminated on Saturday, 28 November, has surprisingly returned to "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada.

The "Mungaaru Male" girl was shockingly eliminated from "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. This was the first time that she was nominated for the elimination and was asked to leave the house. But Sudeep sent her on his special weekend show on Sunday, 29 November. 

During her conversation with Sudeep, she spoke about her experience, inmates and her equation with the contestants. Visibly, Pooja Gandhi shared that she likes NC Aiyappa with whom she has been sharing more than just friendship.

However, the surprising part of the story was that Pooja Gandhi gave negative feedback about Shruthi, who has been a sister and mother figure for the inmates. Firstly, the "Mungaaru Male" actress accused the yesteryear actress of playing a safe game inside the house.

Pooja Gandhi said that Shruthi wore a mask and has not revealed her true character yet. The actress added that the yesteryerar actress was playing with the emotions of the inmates, and said that Shruthi was not a genuine person.

Till recently, Shruthi was loved by all the contestants. But dissent over her behaviour is growing in the last few weeks.

Pooja Gandhi also attacked Chandan, Master Anand, Rehman Haseeb, Neha Gowda but praised RJ Nethra and Bhavana Belagere. She also had special words about Huccha Venkat.

On the other end, Pooja Gandhi has re-entered the house with the clear idea of the characters of all the inmates. But she is placed in a special room and the inmates are not aware of it. It is interesting to see how many days she will stay here and what the actress does when she's out of the special room.