Pooja Gandhi and Chandan have been sharing cold vibes at "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada show for some time now and their differences went to a new level on the episode aired on Tuesday, 22 December.

In the latest task, titled 'Amrutha & Visha' (Meaning: nectar of immortality and poison), inmates were asked in the confession room to suggest two names: one person whom they would want to give nectar, while the other they would give poison. They also had to give a reason behind their choices.  

In her turn, Pooja Gandhi accused Chandan of not being loyal and declared that he is a double-edged sword. The entire video of the confessions were played before all the inmates and this came as quite a shock to all of them.

On hearing the comments made by Pooja Gandhi, Chandan lost his temper. He started yelling and complaining about her behind her back to other inmates. He also revealed that the "Mungaaru Male" actress had feelings for her before and tried to convey it through Bhavana Belagere.

But he was not interested because she was much elder to him. Then, she opted for NC Aiyappa, Chandan claimed. He has threatened to reveal all the issues before Sudeep in the weekend show. However, many advised him to sort out the differences with her amicably.

In the first attempt, Chandan and Pooja Gandhi had a heated argument and they could not have a proper convesation. Later, they both calmed down and discussed the issues. It appears they have found some temporary solutions and patched-up for the time being.