Actress Pooja Gandhi has been shown the door from "Bigg Boss 3"Kannada on Saturday, 28 November. This is a surprising elimination as people had not expected the "Mungaaru Male"girl to be out of the show.

There were four contestants nominated for the elimination this week. Neha Gowda, Rehman Haseeb and Tsunami Kitty were the other three people, who were in the danger zone. People had expected Neha to be shown the door this week.

It is because she has been regularly nominated by the inmates, but luck has been in her favour and she survived. It was said that her contribution in tasks was negligible. Adding to that, Neha Gowda has not been very friendly with other inmates except with Rehman. It was felt that these reasons might put an end to her journey. But once again, she has been saved by the audience.

When it comes to Tsunami Kitty, he has also been regularly nominated. He may not be the most loved person inside the house, but he is loved mostly by the audience for his innocence, his supporters say on the social media sites.

People feel that the inmates unfairly target him and ignore him just because he lacks good communication skills, they blame. The next in the line was Rehman Haseeb. He has played the game well and people did not expect him to go this week.

Coming to Pooja Gandhi, she had raised a lot of hopes and it was believed that she was one of the favourites to win the contestants. In the end, she has been shown the door. It has to be noted that the actress was nominated for the elimination for the first time in five weeks!