UPDATE: Neha Gowda has been finally shown the door from "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada show. She was nominated several times before but managed to win the required votes for her survival.

However, this time, the luck has not been in favour and after six weeks Neha Gowda is leaving the house. Apart from her, Tsunami Kitty, Rehman and Master Anand were also nominated for the elimination this week.

Earlier Story
Neha Gowda, Rehman, Tsunami Kitty and Master Anand are in the danger zone this week on "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. One of the four contestants will leave the house on Saturday, 5 December.

Anand is in the danger zone for the first time, and this is a surprising development as he has been playing the game smartly. He has also been garnering good support from the audience and he is likely to be safe this week. But as it happened in case of Pooja Gandhi, Big Boss might have surprise in store.

Neha Gowda and Tsunami Kitty have been nominated week after week since the day one at "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house. But the duo has been very lucky as they survived in the show despite being nominated by the inmates so many times.

In case of Rehman, he is being nominated regularly after his relationship with Neha Gowda started growing stronger in the house. More or less, the duo has stayed away from house politics and avoided mingling with others. However, their participation in the tasks has been impressive.

Audience Prediction on Elimination
Since the past few weeks, people have been predicting Neha Gowda's elimination from the show. To everybody's surprise, she has survived in the show. This week again, netizens point their fingers at Neha. Can she turn lucky again?

If Neha Gowda is saved this week, Rehman should be sent home, say regular viewers of "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada.

Tsunami Kitty may have been nominated regularly but he is one of the favourites to win the trophy. He is loved by the rural audience and the viewers believe that the inmates have not been fair to him. This sympathy is expected to save him again.

And in case of Master Anand, as we discussed above, he is a serious contender to win the season 3 and he is likely to stay till the last stages.