Mithra has been eliminated from Kiccha Sudeep's show. He entered the show as a wild card entry and stayed for a few weeks.

The final competition was between Mithra and Chandan. And in the end Mithra was shown the door.

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Mithra, Kruthika, Rehman, NC Aiyappa and Chandan are the contestants, who are in the danger zone this week. One of the five contestants will be eliminated from Sudeep's show on Saturday, 19 December.

Except Mithra, the remaining four -- Kruthika, Rehman, NC Aiyappa and Chandan -- have been in the house from Day 1. They all have put their best and survived till date. It is quite interesting to see who will be shown the door this week.

If the general opinions of the audience on social media sites are taken into consideration, NC Aiyappa and Chandan are safe this weekend. In fact, the regular viewers want them to stay till the last week. That leaves Mithra, Kruthika and Rehman in the danger zone.

Among the three, Kruthika is quite entertaining and has managed to make people respond to her acts. Hence, she deserves to be in the house, say people, who want her to stay in the house. So, the fight is expected to be between Rehman and Mithra for the elimination this week.

Mithra may have done his best but has not connected with the viewers. But, he might get the advantage of staying for only a few weeks in the house and the Bigg Boss might try to give a chance to stay in the house for a week.

Well, this can also work against him if the Bigg Boss thinks otherwise by overlooking his short duration due to the seniority factor. Rehman has been part of the long journey and giving him a final chance could be a worthy decision.