Master Anand is the hot favourite to win the third season of reality show "Bigg Boss" Kannada. In a poll conducted by IBTimes India, the actor has managed to get the highest number of votes, thus beating his competitors Chandan Kumar, Rehman, Pooja Gandhi and Shruthi.

Just in: Shruthi wins the trophy, Chandan first runner-up

The TV and cinema artiste has garnered 29.5% of the votes in the poll. His nearest competitor is Chandan Kumar, who has secured 24.14% of the votes while Rehman has got little less than him: 23.41% of the votes of our readers.

Pooja Gandhi has been pushed down to the fourth position, having garnered 13.32% of the votes. Surprisingly, Shruthi has got the least amount of votes among the five contestants: The yesteryear actress could garner only 9.68% of the votes.

The poll clearly indicates Master Anand is ahead of other "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada contestants. But it also shows there will be a triangular fight between Anand, Chandan and Rehman in the end. It remains to be seen whether the result is repeated in the grand finale on Sunday, 31 January. 

We noticed Master Anand, Rehman and Chandan are getting support from the audience even on social media. Hence, it is safe to say one among the three will emerge victorious.

Master Anand, along with other finalists like Rehman, Chandan, Pooja Gandhi and Shruthi, had entered the house on Day O,ne and all five have played the game well to survive in the show.