Actress "Madhuri" has been shown the door in the "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada show. Among the four contestants who were nominated for the elimination, the "Rambo" actress got the least number of votes.

Madhuri was voted out by Neha Gowda, Bhavana Belagere, Tsunami Kitty and RJ Nethra in the elimination process, the very second day of their stay in the house. As she does not interact and is not known by many in the house, she was nominated by the inmates.

In her one-week stay, Madhuri was not involved in any conflict but was seen active in tasks. Among the four nominees, Ravi Mooruru was the first person to be announced safe by Sudeep. Tsunami Kitty was second to be announced safe followed by Kruthika, who will be out of elimination next week.

The weekend show of Kiccha Sudeep was filled with lots of fun and interesting talks. The host spoke with all the 15 contestants on their one-week experience in the house. Find the highlights of his interactions with the inmates below:

1) Rahman has been given 'chicken punishment'. He has been given the meat but the TV anchor cannot eat it until Bigg Boss gives permission.

2) Sudeep enquired about Shruthi being upset with the inmates and appreciated the way she handled the issues.

3) Sudeep advises Tsunami Kitty to stay calm.

4) Kiccha solves Shruthi-Anand's issues.

5) When Chandan told Sudeep that he was creating rift among contestants, Sudeep took objection and called that it was a serious allegation. Sudeep told the TV actor that if that is the intention they have many other ways to do the same as Bigg Boss has recorded all the moments of the contestants and know exactly what the inmates are up to.