"Bigg Boss" house is filled with contestants of different age and tastes. Hence, clashes are likely to happen due to ego issues.

In order to blunt the egos, 'Bigg Boss' came out with a new task on Thursday's episode in which all the 15 contestants had to suggest three big-headed inmates in the house. Chandan, Kruthika and Huccha Venkat got maximum votes. 

The Bigg Boss asked the trio to prove that they are not egoistic by convincing all the contestants about the misconception. Kruthika was asked first to, and she successfully convinced inmates that she is not a cocky woman.

Next, it was Huccha Venkat's turn. In his usual way, he tried to be loud and clear but way off the mark, again. 

Huccha Venkat announced that he does not have ego issues and was ready to bow down at the feet of women. He called men as "waste bodies". But this made the inmates furious.

Venkat said that he does not respect women, who smoke, wear sleeveless dress and belly dance (pointed at Jayshree). He also warned them of consequences once he goes out of the show.

Pooja Gandhi was quick to raise her voice against his views. She requested the Bigg Boss to take note it and take action against him. Huccha Venkat was unwilling to face the opposition and stormed out of the place.

RJ Nethra followed him and tried to convince him that he can't impose restrictions on others. Huccha Venkat tried to explain that he wants women to be 'well-cultured' and that he respects such women a lot. But he won't tolerate girls with bad habits.

She shot back at him, asking whether drinking is good, referring to his habit. The drama was not elaborated and Chandan got his turn to convince the inmates.

Chandan met all the inmates and told them that his appearance gives a wrong impression and that he is a normal guy. Everybody was fine except Shruthi, who told him that she does not like the way he talks to women.

She felt that his talks appear to be in bad taste and that he should change it at least with someone an elder like her.

In the end, the Bigg Boss was happy with Kruthika and Chandan. In fact, as a reward for her work, the TV actress will be free from nomination next week if she passes the acid test this week. Before the day's episode was wrapped up, Shruthi and Anand were at logger heads but it was later sorted out amicably.