Huccha Venkat has been criticised by "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada inmates for multiple reasons and mainly for his lack of participation in the tasks. But now, he has silenced them with his involvement.

In the latest task, the inmates were asked to pull a cart and Bigg Boss had clearly laid down some rules and regulations. On Monday, Master Anand, Aiyaappa, Rahman Khan, Ravi Mooruru and others had participated.

It was the turn of Pooja Gandhi, Shruthi, RJ Nethra, Kruthika, Huccha Venkat and Jayashree to take the task forward on Wednesday's episode.

After Pooja Gandhi and Shruthi took a break from the task, Huccha Venkat entered the task and surprised the inmates with his energy. For the first time in the house, he was actively involved in the task and impressed everyone including the TV audience.

His efforts were appreciated by all the contestants in the end and Bigg Boss rewarded him along with Pooja Gandhi and Shruthi with mouth-watering food for their hard work.

RJ Nethra rubs inmates the wrong way
Bigg Boss had given a secret task to RJ Nethra, where she was asked to ensure that the contestants do not become successful in the task. In the end, she was successful and is now safe from next week's nomination process. 

But this has not gone down well with the other inmates and Rahman, Aiyappa and a few others were seen discussing the same. She has become a selfish person in their eyes.

RJ Nethra also had a minor argument with Aiyappa over the same.