Huccha Venkat spoke to the media after he was evicted from the "Bigg Boss 3 Kannada" house and expressed his anger against show host Sudeep, his housemate Ravi Mooruru and writer Girish Karnad.

Huccha Venkat was eliminated from the "Bigg Boss 3 Kannada" house on Saturday after he attacked another housemate Ravi Mooruru. After walking out of the house, he addressed the media at from his sister's residence in Indiranagar and defended his act of attacking the housemate.

The evicted contestant said he was being insulted and provoked by his co-contestants, but he tolerated everything for more than a week. However, he got irked when Ravi Mooruru questioned his prestige. "So I waited for the Saturday, till Sudeep to arrive on the show. I taught Ravi good lesson to him on the day," Huccha Venkat told TV9 Kannada on Sunday morning.

Huccha Venkat expressed his disappointment over Sudeep supporting Ravi Mooruru. "In the style of Kempe Gowda, Sudeep said that all the contestants are his family members and he could not keep quiet, when I was hurt by them. I am real hero and not a reel hero. I entered the house as Huccha Venkat and came out like the one. Let him come out and fight with me in public. You can see who is powerful and real hero," Venkat said.

He condemned Girish Karnad for his controversial remarks on naming Kempe Gowda International Airport after Tipu Sultan. Meanwhile, he also threatened him to kill. "I Will Kill You. I will break your hands and legs! Girish Karnad! Do you know the history of Tipu Sultan?" 

"He was against Hindus. Do you know this? How much knowledge do you have about him? I will order all Kannadigas to kill him. If 1,000 people kill him together, will all be jailed? Karnataka always belongs to Kannadigas and they should rule the state," Venkat added.