Huccha Venkat and Rehman Khan had a heated verbal exchange in "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house on Thursday's episode and in fact, almost got physical which shocked the viewers.

The issue started after Rehman asked Huccha Venkat to massage his legs as per his role in the new task. But Venkat took it personally and refused to do so, and clearly said that he will not touch anyone's feet, legs or even the footwear. 

Almost all the inmates tried to convince him that he should participate in the task without taking it as an insult and this was followed by an argument between Huccha Venkat and other inmates. As Venkat remained firm on his stand, Chandan decided to bow down into his conditions. By then, Venkat had changed his stand and said that he would not take part in the task.

This obviously irked the inmates but they decided to continue with the task and not to worry about him. Venkat, on the other end, skipped his dinner and refused food the next day too. Shruthi, Aiyappa and a few others' attempt to convince him went in vain.

Later, Bigg Boss punished Huccha Venkat by asking him to keep his father's footwear on his head for an hour. Just before his punishment was announced, Rehman and Venkat had the clash. Both had controlled their anger all day long but they lost their temper after the TV anchor passed a comment and this apparently did not go down well with the actor-producer.

Later in the evening, Rehman tried to patch up by giving Diwali sweets to Huccha Venkat.

The other major highlight of the day was Pooja Gandhi coming down heavily on Tsunami Kitty. A casual comment was mistaken by the actress and she attacked him with strong words. She requested inmates to teach him some manners and the "Mungaaru Male" girl said that Kitty's language was in poor taste.