Huccha Venkat has been arrested by Jnanabharathi Police on Thursday, 19 November, over his derogatory comments against the architect of the Indian constitution, Dr BR Ambedkar.

During an interview with a television channel, Huccha Venkat had passed derogatory comments on BR Ambedkar and the students from the Bangalore University had filed a complaint against the same.

Acting upon the complaint, Huccha Venkat was arrested at his Indira Nagar residence. The cops will produce him before a civil court on Friday, 20 November.

The Dalit Sangarsh held protests on Thursday and the group members blackened his face for his controversial statement. A case has also been filed in Kolar over his comments on Ambedkar.

On the other end, Huccha Venkat has clarified that he has huge respect for BR Ambedkar and he apologised for the comments if it has hurt any community.

Huccha Venkat has been in the news from the last couple of days after he assaulted Ravi Mooruru at the "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house. Following this attack, he was eliminated from the show but his act has been widely debated on social media sites and Kannada TV channels.

Meanwhile, a section of politicians have raised their voice against Huccha Venkat and the "Bigg Boss" show. They allege that the reality show in misleading the public and sets a bad example for the society. Hence, they want the show to be banned.

It may be recalled that Huccha Venkat was arrested last year when he announced through paper ads that he would kidnap actress and politician Ramya to marry her.