Actors Mithra and Gouthami Gowda have entered "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house as special guests. For the inmates, it is a luxury-budget task to attend to the needs of the guests and win their hearts through hospitality.

The task with the underlying message of "Atithi Devo Bhava", has begun with the arrival of Mithra and Gouthami Gowda. The inmates have been divided into two parties led by Shruthi and NC Aiyappa. 

The teams have to primarily feed the two guests good food and be humble to gain points in the form of currency. It has to be noted that all the members from the losing team will be directly nominated for elimination.

However, the inmates at "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada from both teams are having a tough time satisfying the guests as the duo is raising issues at every given opportunity. It appears the guests have been told to test the patience of the contestants and challenge their characters.

Shruthi, who has been smartly handling the issues, is visibly upset over some comments passed by the guests. She seems to have taken their words personally and is sharing her anguish with the inmates over it.

The task is not over yet, and the inmates will have to do their best to win the guests' hearts for possibly one more day. Meanwhile, Pooja Gandhi is watching all the developments from her secret living room. The "Mungaaru Male" girl can understand the true nature of all the contestants. It appears like her good opinion of most of the contestants have disappeared by now.