Shruthi, who has been a kind of sister and mother figure for inmates inside the "Bigg Boss 3", seems to be losing her image as dissent over her safe play strategy is growing among the contestants.

For many days, Shruthi has been loved by everybody, with her decisions acceptable to all the inmates. But it seems set to change as they are unhappy about her for playing it safe. NC Aiyappa and Bhavana are the contestants caught on camera sharing their unhappiness over her behaviour. 

On one occasion, NC Aiyappa was seen discussing with Chandan about the special respect being accorded to her by the inmates. According to him, it will only make her position safer inside the house. The cricketer was also not happy seeing her get captaincy for the second time.

Based on the inmates' votes, the Bigg Boss made her the captain for the second time recently. The big advantage that the position brings is that they are not part of the elimination process.

NC Aiyappa feels that everybody should get a chance to lead the house. Chandan too feels the same and believes that they have the ability to be the captain inside the house.

Apart from NC Aiyappa and Chandan, Bhavana Belagere too is not happy with Shruthi. On several occasions, she was spotted complaining about Shruthi. All three want a leadership change.

Rehman Hasib was also seen sharing his unhappiness over Shruthi with Neha Gowda recently. The growing dissent is expected to divide the inmates in the coming days.