The four weeks journey of Ravi Mooruru in "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada has come to an end. Well, he has been eliminated from the Kiccha Sudeep's show on Friday, 21 November.

Ravi Mooruru was the one among the four contestants (Chandan, Neha Gowda and RJ Nethra), who was in the danger zone this week. It was believed that he might be safe due to the sympathy factor after Huccha Venkat assaulted him last week.

People had predicted that Neha Gowda and RJ Nethra were strong contenders to leave the house this week. While Nethra has not been living up to his potential in the tasks, Neha has more or less remained dull in her activities. It is only her friendship with Rehman has brought some attention towards her. Hence, people on social media sites expected one between the two girls to be eliminated.

To their surprise, Ravi Mooruru has been shown the door. He has been repeatedly nominated for the elimination but he turned safer week after week. In his short stay in "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada, he struggled to mingle with the inmates and wanted to quit the game.

In fact, his elimination did not surprise him as he had anticipated it. He is the fourth contestant to be evicted after Madhuri, Jayashree and Huccha Venkat, who was thrown out of the show for breaking the game rules by getting physical.

In the end, Neha Gowda and RJ Nethra have got one more opportunity to prove their potential.