Chandan, Kruthika, Mithra, Rehman and NC Aiyappa are the five contestants who have been nominated for the elimination this week.

The nomination process was quite different this week. The Bigg Boss had given the contestants a task and they were divided into two teams. While the winning team was asked to choose the names, like usual, in the confession room, the members of the losing team were asked to reveal their names before all the contestants. 

The surprising development of the show was Shruthi nominating Kruthika. The duo seemed to share a mother-daughter relationship inside the house.

Chandan, Kruthika, NC Aiyappa and Rehman got maximum votes for the nomination and Mithra was directly nominated by captain Bhavana Belagere.

Pooja Gandhi-NC Aiyappa are serious about their relationship?
Pooja Gandhi and NC Aiyappa seem to be serious about their relationship. They are bonding big time and their acts confirm about the depth of their relationship. The "Mungaaru Male" star has said that she would date him once they are out of the Bigg Boss house.

On Monday's episode, they were seen hugging and talking about their relationship. Even the inmates are aware of their growing liking towards each other.

Mithra-Sushma engage in war of words
Sushma's entry to the house diturbed all the inmates and all the equations between the housemates changed. Nobody dared to speak against her. But short-tempered Mithra had a heated verbal exchange with her.