Bhavana Belagere has been shown the door from "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. She stayed in the house for 70 days. She was directly nominated for the elimination by Tsunami Kitty.

It was believed that Sushma or Gauthami could be eliminated as they entered the show midway. In the end, it appears like Bhavana could not get better votes than them. Nonetheless, the daughter of noted journalist, Ravi Belagere, had anticipated that she might leave the house and the elimination did not come as a surprise to her. 

Before leaving, Bigg Boss asked her to name one contestant, who will be out of the elimination next week. Bhavana Belagere, who had good bonding with Shruthi, suggested the yesteryear actress' name.

Earlier Story:
There are seven contestants in the danger zone on "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada, and one among them will be eliminated on Saturday, 2 January. Bhavana, Sushma, Shruthi, Pooja Gandhi, Rehman, Chandan and Gauthami are the inmates who have been nominated this week.

Of all the seven, Bhavana was directly nominated by Tsunami Kitty, who cited her lack of involvement in a task for nominating her. This is one of the most interesting nominations, as it has become difficult to predict who will be voted out of the show.

People on social media say either Sushma or Gauthami should be eliminated, as they entered the show midway and do not have much to offer. Viewers are especially unhappy about Sushma's opinionated character, and accuse her of creating division among contestants in the Bigg Boss house, whereas Gauthami is only bringing trouble in NC Aiyappa and Pooja Gandhi's relationship.

A section of the audience want Bhavana to leave as her participation in tasks is not up to the mark. People feel she has been lucky to be part of the show till now, and it is the time for her elimination. Along with her, audience are saying on social media sites Pooja Gandhi has become a boring element in the house despite her energetic performance in tasks.

That leaves Rehman, Shruthi and Chandan in the end. All three have good fan following, and are expected to stay in the house for at least a few more weeks.