Ever since the news of Bigg Boss 16 getting an extension has surfaced online, the makers and housemates are leaving no stone unturned to keep the audiences hooked onto the show. With each passing day, contestants are trying to make the episodes as interesting as they can with either spilling up some secrets or getting into a massive argument leading to a war of words.

Sreejita De

Sreejita calls Tina a 'homewrecker'

In one such attempt, Sreejita De, who has recently re-entered the house as a wild card, has revealed some shocking details about co-contestant Tina Dutta. Both of them know each other from outside and have worked together in popular television show titled 'Uttaran'. Though reportedly they were good friends initially, inside the Bigg Boss house they are clear rivals of each other.

In one of the promos of upcoming episode, one can see Sreejita calling Tina a 'homewrecker' during a conversation with Soundarya Sharma. Sreejita said, "Ladko ke attention ke bina, reh hi nahi paati. Bahut logo ke ghar todne ki koshish ki hai, khudh ke ghar isi liye nahi basaa payi. (Tina loves to get attention from boys. She had tried to be a homewrecker and thus she had to remain single till date)."

The actress further added, "Aap apne aap se itna na khush ho, ki logo ko aap pull down kar ke, us mein aapko pleasure milta hai (She is so unsatisfied with herself that she finds satisfaction in pulling down others)."

Tina Dutta fans troll Sreejita De

This comes after Tina recently accidently leaked Sreejita's home address during a conversation with another wild card contestant Vikas Manaktala. However, the conversation between Sreejita and Soundarya didn't go down well with many and people have been slamming Sreejita on social media for such statements. Tina Datta fans feel that Sreejita has crossed all the limits and she is way out of the line. 

Sreejita De

One user said, "Seriously, a woman's worst enemy can only be another woman! This is utterly disgusting of #SreejitaDe so ths is y she came back? 2 drag #TinaDatta through the mud which sree herself harbors? Shd have stayed out to save her face!" While another said, "Wow sreejita de tina ne aaj tak aap ke liyekuch nahi bola hai aap ko (Till date Tina has never said anything about you)".

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Well, it will be interesting to see how Tina will react if she gets to know about this conversation as a contestant isn't allowed much to talk about the outer world.