Ever since Bigg Boss 16 has started, the contestants are grabbing eyeballs every day with either their controversial statements or for their nasty fights inside the house. Amid all these, Shalin Bhanot has already shared his feelings for co-contestant Tina Dutta in the show and was seen talking about his previous marriage with former Bigg Boss contestant Daljit Kaur and told Tina that they are like best friends.

shalin bhanot

Responding to that statement, Daljiet Kaur has now shared a post on social media to slam her ex-husband. She wrote on Twitter, "No I am not your best friend shalin. Meeting once in a month or two months for the sake of my child does not qualify as friendship.I wish you luck with your love life but leave me out of your fictions and stories please.And u r calling it funny?really?Tina no hard feelings for u."

shalin bhanot

For the unversed, Shalin and Daljeet were married for many years before they decided to part ways in 2015. The actress said that she was in an abusive relationship with the Bigg Boss 16 contestant. However, when Tina asked Shalin if the separation was due to abuse, he denied it on the show. The couple has a son named Jaydon.

'I forgave him'

Earlier, in an interview with The Times of India, Daljeet said, "He pushed me in my father's presence. My thigh was bruised for almost a month. But I forgave him, thinking it takes time for a marriage to work. On another occasion, he twisted my arm in front of his parents. But I finally decided enough was enough when he came charging towards me while I had Shaarav in my arms. It could have turned fatal for my 40-day-old premature child. That day, I left for my parent's home in Bangalore."

Meanwhile, Shalin is not being liked inside the house for his bad behaviour. Many people feel that he is not worthy of being in the Bigg Boss house. Soon after Daljit's tweet, many people were seen supporting her, while some accused her of trying to gain attention by tweeting about the present Bigg Boss contestant.

Shalin Bhanot

'That man is showing what he is on national TV'

One user said, "It's only 12 days we can't tolerate that man even in Television, how could you manage to stay married to that man ? How ? Hats off to you girl (sic)." While another one called Shalin a bully and wrote, "Thank you for the much needed clarification which we knew his attitude is completely fake, he comes across as extremely rude n a narcissist bully. U have always been so wonderful and so dignified and sensible Daljeet, more power, positivity and lotsa love 2 u and Jayden (sic)."

"More power to you Dalljiet. That man is showing what he is on NTV and his lies aren't being bought by audience You r a strong lady, wish u all d success n happiness in life (sic)," read a third tweet.

On the other hand, one user called Daljit an attention seeker and wrote, "You did nothing in Biggboss. Atleast he is doing something. By posting tweets on shalin you are trying to gain attention. If he says something ignore it if he is not friend.looks like this time you are watching Biggboss with more interest since shalin is in the show (sic)."