The nominations for Bigg Boss 16 have started, and so are the fights and high-voltage drama. This time the rules of the game have changed. Unlike previous seasons, the contestants will only have to nominate two fellow contestants without giving any reason.

Sajid Khan

Nomination process begins

The contestants had to burn the nominee's picture to begin the nomination process. Shalin nominated filmmaker Sajid Khan and Tajiki singer Abdu Rozik for the season's first nomination. This didn't go down well with Sajid Khan and he asked Shalin why he nominated him. To which Shalin responded Sajid is more fortunate than other contestants and he won't get eliminated. Sajid didn't pay heed to Shalin's explanation. After which they had another heated argument.

Sajid Khan and Shalin's verbal argument

In the promo, Sajid Khan is seen performing a stand-up comedy in the garden area, during his comical act he takes a dig at Shalin Bhanot saying how there is another voice apart from Bigg Boss in the house and that is the latter. Shalin doesn't like the joke and he gives a thumbs down to Sajid. Later, Sajid Khan questions Shalin why he has been behaving like this. In his defence, Shalin says, "Aap mujhe ungli kar rahe ho (You are poking me), do you even want to listen to me." He even questions Sajid about why he is on the show.

Take a look at the promo

Meanwhile, the nominated contestants this week in Bigg Boss16 are:

Gautam Vig, Archana Gautam, Gori Nagori, MC Stan, Sajid Khan, Shiv Thakare.

The first elimination will take place this weekend at the Weekend Ka Vaar episode hosted by Salman Khan.

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