In barely three days since its grand premiere, this season of Bigg Boss has already won us over. With the interesting line up of contestants and the presence of "seniors" inside the house, this surely seems like a full-on entertainment ride this year. International Business Times, India, got talking to Shehzad Deol. Take a look.

Shehzad Deol
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You have been on several reality shows. Tell us the one thing one should never do on such shows.

Be careful when you trust someone on national television and remember that cameras are always on. We need to be careful about what we say.

Though you are quite popular among the young crowd, the traditional Hindi show watching people might not know much about you. Do you feel that might come across as a disadvantage?

They will know me now! Bigg Boss gives everyone an equal platform and a huge one!


There have been many celebs who have fallen-in-love or pretended to, on Bigg Boss. Would you give love a shot inside the house?

No, certainly not. The show is not where I am going to look for love. We have our whole lives outside to do that. For me, Bigg Boss is honestly more about connecting with the audience as well as the inmates. I want to hopefully leave a mark and win hearts.

Who is the person you are excited to meet and one person you feel might be a competition inside the house?

I am excited to meet all the contestants. As far as who might be a competition inside the house goes, whoever has the ability to compete with me for the trophy, is my competitor.

How has your family reacted to you going into the Bigg Boss house?

They are as excited as I am! I am blessed to have such supportive parents. They have always supported me and let me follow my dreams. They just want me to make them proud and remember that they love me.