Aarti Singh
Aarti Singh

Love is in the air not only for people across the world but also for Bigg Boss 13 housemates. As the show is nearing its end, the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are discussing their present and past love lives. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha Arti Singh opened up about her first crush.

Arti starts off the conversation by saying, "Mujhe nah life me mera first crush mila jab mai 17 - 18 saal ki thi. Mere bhai ka dost tha. Juhu beach par woh Martial arts karta tha. Hero banna tha usko. What a good-looking guy! Uska naam tha Sameer. My first ever crush. Abbu ka dost tha. Woh itna khoobsurat tha nah!"

Arti further says "Mein running karne jaati thi Juhu beach pe Mai choti si 18 saal ki thi, dimaag toh itna chalta nai tha."

Rashami and Paras get amused listening to Arti while she is continually blushing and talking about her first crush.

Sharing further with her inmates she said, "Haay! Maine nah woh ladke ko dekh ke mujhe pehli baar feeling pata chali ha,i ki ek ladki ko ek ladke ko dekh kar kya feeling aati hai." Paras playfully asks her, "Kya feeling aati hai?," before he starts giggling with Rashami.

Rashami points out that even after a year, Arti still had feelings for this boy and Arti agrees, "Haan Haan! Matlab maine apni life me pehli baar agar kisi ladke ka naam likha tha haath me toh woh Sameer tha."

She narrates how when she came back to Bombay after a year, she couldn't find him on Juhu beach even though she visited the beach every day for a week. Finally, she went to her brother and asked him about Sameer. That's when she learnt that he had gotten married. Rashami laughs and comments, "Thoda pehele bata deti Abbu baat kar leta tere baare me."

The guy she liked got married and divorced too but Arti had already moved on by then. Rashami and Paras have a good laugh at Arti's expense while Arti laughs along. 

Not only this, on the game front Arti and Rashami are seen discussing the game plan of Shehnaaz Gill, as they say, 'Woh Bacchi Nai hai'.