Asim and Sidharth
Asim and Sidharth

Bigg Boss 13 is nearing its finale and the makers are leaving no stone unturned to keep the buzz intact. The seven contestants inside the house are Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shulka, Rashmi Desai, Mahira Sharma, Shenaaz Kaur Gill, Mahira Sharma, and Paras Chabra.

The battle to the finale is not going to be easy, as only the top three contenders will be battling it out. This week, two major news of Bigg Boss 13 made headlines. The mall task news created a ruckus inside and outside the mall and WWE wrestler John Cena posted Asim Riaz's picture which created havoc on social media and fans went berserk.

The makers are introducing tasks each day so that the contenders get a ticket to the finale. One such task created havoc at Mumbai's famous Oberoi Mall when the fan pages posted that Asim, Sidharth, and Rashmi will be entering the mall for a task.

The fans of Asim came to the mall with posters, banners and ply cards and started shooting for their favourite contestants. The fans didn't move an inch and became uncontrollable that the police was called and had to calm down the crowd after which the mall was shut. Seeing this chaos, the makers decided to cancel the mall task and makers had to find an alternative.

As per our sources, the police had to be stationed inside and outside the mall as fans started to tear the poster of other contestants and a fight happened inside the mall. The crowd became uncontrollable hence the makers decided to cancel the task.

Not only are fans supporting Asim, but John Cena is also supporting Asim and he shared the picture just the way he shares all the others, without any caption. In the comment section, fans of Bigg Boss started debating whether Riaz deserved to be supported by Cena. Some even wondered if his account was hacked.

John Cena and Asim Riaz

 One user commented, "U r watch bigg boss 13,,i can't believe that (sic)," while another said, "Cena just made this guy Famous...". Take a look:

Check out the Tweets below:

 Ever since Asim's picture is floating around in media, we are seeing Asim's fans poking fun at Asim's contender.

Since then fans of Asim Riaz started to rejoice that John Cena is watching BB 13 and supporting Asim.

 Let's see who wins the Bigg Boss trophy.