09.53: Salman announces that Jasleen has been evicted. Alongwith Jasleen, Megha also gets evicted. Romil is safe from the eviction. Bhuvneshwari enters the house and meets Sreesanth. Sree breaks down. 

09.45: Salman asks housemates to nominate bottom three people as per their individual opinion one by one. Somi nominates Jasleen, Megha and Dipika. Rohit names Jasleen, Megha and Dipika. Deepak names Jasleen, Megha and Dipika. Romil names Jasleen, Megha and Dipika. KV names Jasleen, Megha and Romil. With majority, Romil, Megha and Jasleen are considered the bottom three. 

09.40: Bhuvneshwari says that KV has lost his track by taking a stand for the wrong people. Teejay says that KV should not be trying to prove it to the people inside the house that he is a good man or shouldn't even try to make others turn into good human beings. 

09.35: Bhuvneshwari says that Sreesanth has been given clean chit in the fixing case and is not a fixer and thus such comments or topics should not be brought into the house. Teejay says that Surbhi has no control over her language and its not a good strategy. 

09.30: Bhuvneshwari says that Surbhi was the first one to make distasteful comment against Sree when she had called him a "casanova". She also apologises for Sreesanth's comments made against Surbhi. Surbhi's brother says that Surbhi has the talent of making anyone bring out their worst in front of others. 

09.25: Sreesanth's wife - Bhuvneshwari, Karanvir's wife - Teejay and Surbhi Rana's brother are invited to the set to discuss the gameplay. Surbhi's brother says that she just reacts to the situation and never begins anything. Bhuvneshwari says that Surbhi instigates everyone and she is mostly the one who starts any argument. 

09.20: Jasleen and Somi are asked to defend themselves one-by-one and Romil is made the judge. Romil gives first point to Somi. Romil gives one point to Jasleen. He gives one more point to Somi making her the winner of the first round. Jasleen wins the second round and with that wins the Sultani akhaada task.

09.15: Retiesh asks those who have received punishment to continue with the punishments until Bigg Boss asks them not to do it anymore. With the end of the task, Retiesh leaves the house. Salman calls Jasleen and Somi into the akhaada. 

09.10: While Rohit is asked to bring out everything that he has hidden, Karanvir is asked to do some household chore. Next FIR is lodged against KV by Dipika for hurting her. KV says it happened by mistake. Somi lodges an FIR against Surbhi, KV, Rohit and Deepak for planning against her behind her back. Surbhi and Romil are made to wear handcuffs. 

09.05: Retiesh makes an entry into the Bigg Boss house with loud music and great aplomb. Deshmukh asks the people in kaal-kothri to be released. As a part of the task, Romil goes to Deshmukh to lodge an FIR against Rohit Suchanti over his habit of stealing. Megha lodges an FIR against Deepak for breaking handshower of the bathroom. Deepak lodges affair an FIR against Karanvir for being the chachi of the house. 

09.00: Salman Khan welcomes Retiesh Deshmukh on the sets of 'Bigg Boss' for the promotion of his film - Mauli - in which he will be seen as a cop. Deshmukh and Salman play a Marathi-Hindi translation game which brings in a lot of laughter amongst the audience and viewers. Both the actors carry out a small skit. 

Salman Khan gave us a big surprise last week by announcing that there would be no evictions. And this week he has given us a bigger surprise by announcing that there would be double eviction this weekend.

The Weekend ka Vaar, which began a bit early this week on Friday, had Salman Khan grilling all the contestants over their behaviour last week. While Rohit Suchanti and Surbhi Rana received an earful from Khan for being aggressive. He also reminded Sreesanth of not to do or say anything which he himself wouldn't be able to bear.

While the news of double eviction has shocked everyone, the names might shock you even more. As per reports – Jasleen Matharu and Megha Dhade would be shown the door this weekend.

Watch this space for minute-to-minute details of the episode at 9 pm tonight.