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In a surprising way of nominations, Bigg Boss read out a long list of contestants who have been nominated this week. Only Deepak, Romil, Surbhi and Somi are safe from nominations this weekend.

Megha's new club

Wildcard entry, Megha Dhade, tries to form a group with Romil Chaudhary. Romil decodes her plan and tells Somi and Surbhi that Megha would try to form a new group by breaking the members of the already-formed groups. Megha tries to form a pact with Dipika and asks her to form a separate group with her.

Rohit-Srishty, Somi-Deepak, what's brewing?

Housemates are seen making fun of Rohit for his closeness with Srishty. On the other hand, inmates also poke fun at Deepak for the comments Somi had made against him.

Nomination process

Since Deepak is the captain of the house, he remains safe from the nominations. Megha goes to the confession room where Bigg Boss asks her to take the names of two such contestants, whom she would like to save from the nominations.

Megha saves Somi and Dipika. Shivashish saves Sreesanth and Jasleen from the nominations. Romil saves Somi and Surbhi from the nominations. Somi saves Surbhi and Romil. Karanvir saves Srishty and Urvashi from the nominations. Dipika saves Sreesanth and Karanvir. Urvashi saves Srishty and Sreesanth. Rohit saves Romil and Surbhi. Srishty saves Karanvir and Urvashi. Sreesanth saves Dipika and Shivashish. Jasleen saves Shivashish and Sreesanth. Surbhi saves Romil and Somi.

Nominated contestants

Dipika, Karanvir, Megha, Shivashish, Urvashi, Rohit, Srishty and Jasleen are nominated. Deepak is given the power to nominate one more person. Deepak names Sreesanth in the nominations.

Sreesanth lies

Sreesanth lies to Dipika and tells her that he voted for her. He also asks Jasleen to pretend that she is angry at him for not supporting her. Rohit also feels that Srishty voted for him.

Deepak's indirect proposal to Somi

Deepak tells Somi that he used to like her and hence used to keep looking at her. He also tells her that he is apologetic for making her feel uncomfortable. Somi tells him clearly that she has no such feelings for him.