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10.00: Housemates celebrate Diwali by dancing as Bigg Boss plays music for them. Surbhi jokes that Somi and Deepak have more chances of not getting eliminated as the audience might like their love-tease angle. 

09.58: Sanjay compliments Karanvir for the way he is playing his game. He tells Dipika that she would get famous just like Deepika Padukone. Sanjay Jumani tells Romil that he sees him as a finalist and his personal favourite. He informs Shivashish that even the biggest blows wouldn't be able to affect him for longer. Sreesanth is the last one to go. He tells Sreesanth that the year would be too good and important for him. Sreesanth asks him him about his future in cricket, but he asks him to focus on entertainment industry more. 

09.55: Sanjay tells Somi that she has reached great heights and will get successful. But, her success will come crashing down suddenly. He tells Surbhi to move away from her birth place as it wouldn't do her any good. He advises Srishty not to blindly trust her friends. 

09.53: Sanjay Jumani says that Jasleen's name is what would take her ahead, He advises her to speak politely. Sanjay talks to Megha and says that her second marriage could have resulted into failure. He also tells Megha that she has many chances of entering Bollywood once she turns 37th.

09.50: Romil tells Somi that it was Deepak's idea to show Somi the video. Somi refuses to believe him. Astrologer Sanjay Jumani enters the house to talk to the housemates. 

09.45: Romil asks Somi to cry her heart out and emerge stronger. Romil also gets teary eyed. Karanvir and Rohit are seen praising Romil for his decision. Deepak jokes with Romil and says he could have done the same to gain some brownie points from Somi.

09.43: Somi leaves the activity room and hugs Romil. Romil is seen crying but trying to play strong. Romil apologises to Dipika but she says that she didn't mind. Romil apologises to Srishty and she forgives him. Srishty and Shivashish discuss whether what Romil did was right or wrong. 

09.40: Bigg Boss breaks the news to Somi and shows the video to Somi. Her family members shower a lot of love and strength to her through the video. Somi gets teary eyed watching the video. 

09.38: Srishty, Romil and Dipika are called in next and asked to choose one who would watch the entire video. Srishty and Dipika take Romil's name and say he should get a chance to see his son. Romil asks Bigg Boss separately to let Somi watch her video instead of playing a video for him. Romil sends Somi inside. 

09.35: Deepak breaks down after watching the video. His family members ask him to take care of his health and to never consider himself lower than anyone else. Dipika hears a small audio clip from husband, Shoaib. 

09.33: Deepak, Sreesanth and Rohit are called inside the activity room and asked to choose amongst themselves one person to watch the entire video. Rohit and Sreesanth decide to let Deepak watch the video. 

09.30: Jasleen watches a video message from her father and brother. They applaud her going strong inside the house. Jasleen breaks down after watching the video. Jasleen apologises to Megha and Somi and hugs them both. 

09.25: Karanvir breaks down after not getting the chance to watch the video. Jasleen, Somi and Megha get a chance to listen to a short clip of the audio. The three are then called inside the activity room and are asked to choose one person to watch the video. Somi takes Jasleen's name, Megha too takes Jasleen's name. 

09.23: Surbhi receives an emotional message from her mother who asks her to keep the way she is going and not to cry. Karanvir and Shivashish inform the housemates about Bigg Boss' decision. Surbhi apologises to Karanvir after coming out of the room. 

09.20: Surbhi goes in favour of Shivashish and so does Karanvir. However, Shivashish says that he doesn't need to see the video as it would make her weaker. Surbhi gets the chance to watch the video. Shivashish and Karanvir are asked to leave the activity room. 

09.13: Bigg Boss tells the three of them that only one would get the option to watch the entire video message sent by their family. And they should come to a conclusion by discussing with each other. 

09.10: A short audio clip is played inside the house. Housemates guess that it's Shivashish's sister's voice. Surbhi gets an audio message from her mother next. Bigg Boss asks Karanvir, Surbhi and Shivashish to enter the activity room together.

09.05: Housemates wake up to the festive song, 'Happy Diwali..' and wish each other a happy Diwali. Deepak comes and gives the keys of the kaal-kothri to Sreesanth. Dressed up in their traditional best, housemates assemble in the living area to receive video messages from their loved ones. 

After a long week of fights and tension, Bigg Boss 12 house will finally witness some emotional drama as the housemates would receive audio and video messages from family members on the occasion of Diwali.

While many housemates would cherish the messages received from their family members, some would break down into tears. Shoaib's message for Dipika would leave her teary-eyed Deepak's family too would leave him happy and crying after a video message. 

Catch the emotional and magical ride of Bigg Boss tonight with us at 9pm.