09.50: Jasmin gives the star badge to Deepak. Surbhi tries to justify her demand from Dipika but she refuses to listen toSurbhi. 

09.45: Surbhi orders Dipika to come up with three reasons which make her a more deserving contestant over Sreesanth. Sree again loses his cool on Surbhi hearing this and tells her that since he has already been disqualified, no one can include him or his name in the task anyway. Dipika says that she would think about doing the task and refuses to give up. 

09.40: The next guest in the house is Surbhi Rana. She orders everyone to laugh as hard and loud as possible. She also orders Romil to make a cock's noise. The last celebrity guest in the house is Jasmin Bhasin. She asks Deepak to make a song on her and asks Dipika to make tea for her.

09.35: Sreesanth tries to mend things with Dipika. Dipika becomes the next guest of the house. She orders KV to dress up Deepak as a girl. She orders Romil to get his half beard shaved. Another celebrity guest Aalisha enters the house and orders Romil to bring her tea. Aalisha asks Deepak to make a song on her and gives him the star badge.

09.30: Gauahar tries to mend things between Sreesanth and Romil but Sree loses his cool on her too. Gauahar says that she would never behave the way Sreesanth behaved if she has a guest in the house. She also tells Dipika what she had asked Sree to do. Dipika tells Gauahar that she would like to do it herself. She also breaks down later. Sreesanth is dismissed from the task. Gauahar gives the star badge to Surbhi and leaves.

09.25: Romil asks Deepak to get his chest waxed. Sreesanth loses his cool on Dipika and says that she didn't follow his instructions outside and she might be playing the game. He tells KV that he feels like an emotional fool.

09.20: Gauahar orders Sreesanth to take Dipika's bridal dupatta and her husband's jacket and keep it in the storeroom. Sreesanth refuses to do the task and quits. Gauahar tries to explain Sreesanth to give Dipika a chance to win a medal, to which Sree says that he wouldn't ask her to do that. Gauahar announces that Sreesanth is out of the task as he has quit.

09.15: Gauahar Khan praises Surbhi and asks her to maintain a balance. Dipika writes 'efficient' on KV's chest and Deepak writes 'caring'. Romil asks Dipika to say 'I quit' and Surbhi decides as a mentor of the task that she wouldn't be considered a quitter is she says so following his orders. Sreesanth jumps into the conversation and begins an argument with Surbhi.

09.10: Gauahar tells Romil that he is coming out of his laziness now and he appeared shaken up after the family week. Gauahar orders Deepak to make tea for her and clean up the kitchen area. Romil orders Sreesanth to put on some makeup and wear a saree. Sree outright refuses at first and then says that he is thinking about it. Gauahar orders KV to take off his shirt and go to each contestant. She also asks him to get a good quality about him written on his chest by each one of the contestants.

09.05: Housemates wake up to the energetic number - Salaam Namaste. The BB hotel task begins with Romil as the first guest. He asks Deepak to clean the bathroom and also asks Dipika to clean up the kitchen area. He asks Surbhi Rana to make a watermelon juice for him. Gauahar Khan is the first guest in the house. 

With barely a few days left for the finale, Bigg Boss decided to send some fun and laughter into the house. Gauahar Khan, Juhi Parmar and Hina Khan were sent to the Bigg Boss house as guests. For this, the house had been converted into a hotel and all the housemates had to play the role of servants and fulfil the demands of the guest.

While Sreesanth called Hina Khan, "Kitni bekaar guest hai ye," he is all set to have a major show-down with Gauahar Khan who would be entering the house tonight.

When Gauahar Khan would ask Sreesanth to get Dipika's nikaah ka dupatta, Sreesanth would lose his cool and indulge in an argument with her. Gauhar and the other housemates would try to reason out with Sreesanth but to no avail.

The former cricketer would get into a nasty argument with Ms Khan and leave her behind humiliated and angry.

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