bigg boss finalists

09.50: Guests leave the house late at night. Sreesanth is seen discussing the questions with Dipika and saying he never used or boasted about his celebrity status. Dipika tries to make him understand. 

09.40: Romil is the last one to be called to the hotseat. The first allegation against him is that he uses the relationships made in the house to move ahead, which he denies. 

09.35: Dipika is the next one to face questions. She is told that she gets overshadowed by Sreesanth's presence. Dipika says that her relationship with Sreesanth is genuine and pure. And his presence has only made her stronger. Romil says that making Sreesanth her brother has been Dipika's strategy. 

09.30: Karanvir is the next one to be called to the hotseat. The first question against him is why does he lack leadership quality and becomes a follower. KV says that he never intends to become the leader and likes being friendly with everyone. Sreesanth comes out in support of KV. He also explains why he is being called a 'chachi' inside the house. 

09.25: Sreesanth breaks down on hearing all the allegations and locks himself inside the bathroom again. Dipika pacifies him and brings him back to the hall. Sreesanth faces more questions. Vikas also brings up the topic of insulting Gauahar Khan. Sreesanth says that he was not misbehaving but still says that he would apologise to her after the show is over. 

09.20: Talking about how he loses control on his language, Sreesanth says that he was initially quiet but when people started targeting Dipika, he reacted in a more regressive way. Romil says that had Sreesanth been regretful, he would have never done such a thing again. Deepak also brings up the topic of Sreesanth hurting himself inside the house on getting angry. 

09.15: Sreesanth is the next person to be called to the hotseat. Vikas questions him why Sreesanth feels he should win the show more than anyone else. Sreesanth says that he has done his very best inside the house and everything he has done was unplanned and natural. Romil says that during his cricketing field he never used to counter his team then why here. To which, Sreesanth says that he has been the same there too. 

09.10: Vikas Gupta and other housemates defend Deepak. However, Romil speaks against Deepak. Another allegation levelled on Deepak is that he tried to make contacts with celebrities and didn't focus on the game. Deepak says that he wouldn't have reached this level had he done that. 

09.05: Shweta Singh, Jay Bhanusali and Vikas Gupta enter the house to put forth audience's questions in front of the top five. Deepak is called to the hot seat first. Jay questions him about playing the 'small town boy' card and disrespecting KV and Sreesanth during tasks. Deepak is also called the 'thaali ka baigan'. 

09.00: Housemates wake up to the energising number - Say Na - from Bluffmaster. Romil says that he felt Karanvir would leave before Surbhi, to which, Deepak says that KV is funny and he never thought he would leave early. Romil also says that Sreesanth's perception about KV is correct. 

Just two days before the grand finale, Shweta Singh, Jay Bhanushali and Vikas Gupta have some ultimate burning questions for the top 5 - Dipika Kakkar, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra, Deepak Thakur and Romil Chaudhary.

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