Juhi Parmar
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10.00: Deepak tells Romil that it was he who made Romil win the task and the star. Romil thanks him. 

09.50: Sreesanth and Surbhi get into an argument and start fighting with each other. Dipika also joins in the fight and tells Surbhi that she has not managed to make a single relationship inside the house. Romil wins the next star too. 

09.45: Meanwhile, Deepak asks Dipika to wax Romil's legs and arms. Surbhi still refuses to give up and tries her best to convince Sree. Sreesanth blasts Surbhi and reminds her of every wrong thing she has done within the house. 

09.40: Deepak orders Surbhi to borrow Sreesanth's family cup and have tea in it. Sreesanth refuses to give it to her. Surbhi decides to pursue Sreesanth and convince him but to no avail. Sreesanth remains adamant on his stance of not giving his cup to her. 

09.35: Juhi then asks Surbhi to hug everyone and apologise to each one of them for the way she has wronged them. Surbhi does so but breaks down towards the end. Deepak is asked to sing a song for everyone in English. Deepak is the next guest of the house. 

09.30: Juhi Parmar enters the house as a guest. She asks Romil to make a coffee for her. She asks Sreesanth to give a new look to Deepak. Romil goes to KV and requests him to give him coffee. Unable to fulfill Juhi's request, Juhi decides to give Romil a punishment and asks him to give three reasons which could make Surbhi the winner. 

09.25: Sreesanth tries to find faults in the mattress and rejects the mattress. Hina recommends that one of the employee should get a star badge. She handsover the badge to Romil. Later, Surbhi tells Dipika that she tried her best to make Surbhi lose the task but she didn't give up. Karanvir is the next in the house.  

09.20: Sreesanth asks Surbhi to get him a single mattress. He asks her so that she is unable to do it. Dipika openly says that she doesn't want to co-operate with Surbhi and wants her eliminated for the next round. Romil and KV try to help out Surbhi in getting another mattress. 

09.15: Sreesanth orders Surbhi to tie up her hair and clean the floor/rugs. Meanwhile, Hina asks Deepak to take out his clothes and stand in swimming pool. She also asks him to sing a song for her. Hina asks Dipika to curl up KV's hair and put some makeup on him. She also asks Deepak to get a Charlie Chaplin look by shaving half of his face. 

09.10: Sreesanth is made the first guest of the house. He orders Deepak to get him a glass of water and orders Dipika to set his hair. Hina Khan also enters the house as a guest. Hina asks Dipika to make a strong tea for her. Sreesanth orders KV to stay away from Hina Khan. Hina asks Romil to clean the kaal-kothri.

09.05: Housemates wake up to the song, "Mumbai se aaya mera dost." Inmates try to decode what could be the day's task. Later, Bigg Boss announces that some respectable members from the industry would come to the house. BB house has been turned into BB hotel where contestants would have to serve the guests. Housemates would also be given a chance to turn into a guest. Celebrities would give away stars and medals to the contestant who performed the best. 

Be prepared for a strong dose of drama, entertainment and laughter in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12. Juhi Parmar and Hina Khan are all set to enter the BB house which has been turned into a hotel as important guests.

What all will the housemates have to do to entertain and meet their demands, remains to be seen. Watch this space for minute-to-minute update on tonight's episode at 9 pm.