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10.00: Salman Khan announces that Rohit has been evicted. 

09.55: Salman reveals that he wants to have kids and might have a child when he turns 55. Its time for someone to be evicted from the house. Salman asks Dipika to choose one person she thinks might be safe. Dipika takes KV's name, Sreesanth also takes KV's name. Both Dipika and Sreesanth say that Somi might be evicted. 

09.45: Salman and Shah Rukh play another round of game. The game involes both of them giving out answers to some personal questions about their life. Salman revealed that it was at the age of 17 when he first kissed a girl. 

09.35: Somi calls Rohit zero and gives the title of hero to KV. Romil names Somi as hero and Surbhi as zero. Salman and Shah Rukh compliment Surbhi on her changed attitude and looking beautiful. Surbhi turns teary eyed. 

09.30: SRK asks the housemates who is the zero in the house and who is the hero in the house. But he says that by zero he means someone who has started over, and by hero he means someone who does herogiri. Karanvir names Romil as zero and Surbhi as hero. Sreesanth names himself as zero and Dipika as hero. 

09.25: Salman is made to give a product description for fake dentures which leave the audience rolling with laughter. Salman then makes the housemates meet Shah Rukh through tv. Deepak is asked to imitate SRK and he does. Deepak is also given the task of translating Shah Rukh's dialogues from Hindi to English. Deepak also does a dance for Deepak which leaves everyone in splits.

09.20: Salman and Shah Rukh play a game. Salman has kept a product in a box which is not visible to Shah Rukh. Sallu then asks SRK to describe the product without seeing it which ensues a laugh riot. 

09.15: Sreesanth wins the first round of verbal dangal. Romil wins the second round and with it the sultaani akhaada too. Salman Khan welcomes Shah Rukh on the sets. Shah Rukh gives a brief information about the film. 

09.10: Salman Khan says that Karanvir has come into the house with absolutely no purpose and just like other strategies, this too is might be a strategy. Salman calls Sreesanth and Romil into the sultaani akhaada. 

09.05: Housemates start identifying the statements one by one. While many go wrong, very few get it right. Caller of the week has a question for Karanvir. She asks him why has he not able to form a bond with anyone inside the house despite being in the house for more than 13 weeks. Karanvir says that despite all the fights and arguments, he has a connection with Sreesanth and Deepak. 

09.00: Salman makes the audience wait a bit before bringing Salman Khan onto the stage. Salman reminds the nominated contestants that one of them would get evicted tonight. He also makes them listen to some dialogues made by housemates against each other. Contestants have to identify who must have said it. 

Brace yourselves for a rocking weekend as the 'Baadshah of Bollywood' Shah Rukh Khan is in the house with Salman Khan to host the show together.

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