09.50: Teejay praises Sreesanth and Dipika for supporting KV behind his back. She also asks Deepak never to betray KV's trust. 

09.45: Teejay enters the house with their twin daughters. Karanvir breaks down seeing his family. His adorable daughters rush to hug him. Teejay too breaks down seeing her husband after a long time.

09.40: Rohit's mother praises Karanvir and Surbhi for supporting him. She also praises Dipika and Sreesanth and asks them to take care of Rohit. She asks Sreesanth to not hit Rohit even as a joke. Karanvir's wife is the next one to enter the house. 

09.35: Deepak's father leaves the house. What's funny is that Deepak's father tells Somi that her angle with Deepak is good but their marriage can't happen. Somi and Romil are seen discussing who might come from their families and how would they react. Rohit's mother is the next person to enter the house. 

09.30: Surbhi tries to imitate Dipika's husband and enacts what all he would say to her when he comes inside the house. Deepak's father is the next one to enter the house. Deepak breaks down into tears. His father asks Deepak to entertain everyone and not to disrespect anyone. 

09.25: Sreesanth and Dipika meet Surbhi and try to console her. Rohit tries to apologise to Dipika for his behaviour, she asks him to work on his behaviour. Next day, housemates wake up to 'Koi Mil Gaya' and dance their heart out. 

09.20: Bhuvneshwari then meets Karanvir and asks him to change his companionship which is making him take wrong decisions. She also compliments Romil for his care and friendship. Sreesanth's kids also get a chance to meet him. Once Bhuvneshwari leaves, Surbhi breaks down. Karanvir consoles Surbhi and asks her not to let anything affect her. 

09.15: She then meets Surbhi and gives her an earful. She also blasts for playing the women card whenever convenient. She says that Sreesanth might forgive her, but, she would never be able to forgive Surbhi for the personal comments she has made against his cricket, for Sreesanth, his kids and his family. She also calls Surbhi a 'thankless' person. Bhuvneshwari also informs Surbhi that Harbhajan had called to sort things out and there is nothing wrong between the two. 

09.10: Bigg Boss keeps asking housemates to go fastforward, in slow motion or stop at different time intervals. Sreesanth's wife, Bhuvneshwari enters the show. She tells him that he has been playing a great game but also asks him to have a little control on his anger. She also requests him not to hurt himself. Bhuvneshwari meets Deepak and asks him to be Sreesanth's brother as they were earlier.

09.05: He also compliments Dipika for her behaviour inside the house. He asks Romil to forgive everything and be back with Surbhi. Surbhi hugs her brother and starts crying uncontrollably. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to get back to their normal self. 

09.00: Bigg Boss gives the housemates remote control task. Housemates are asked to freeze and Surbhi's brother enters the show. Without moving, Surbhi breaks down into tears. Her brother reads out a poem for her. He asks her to add a little bit honey to her daily dose of medicine. He also compliments Sreesanth and says that he has always been a big fan. He also tells Sree to have a little control on his tongue. 

In an interesting turn of events, we would see the family members and relatives of the Bigg Boss 12 contestants, entering the house and meeting their loved ones. Watch this space for the live updates at 9 pm.