Salman Khan
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10.00: Salman announces that Sreesanth, Deepak and KV are safe. Dipika, Somi and Romil are asked to stand on a rotating platform from where one of them would be evicted. Somi Khan is eliminated a week before the finale. 

09.55: Salman says that he would judge the next season of the show. All of them click a selfie before leaving. Salman urges everyone to go and watch the film. 

09.50: Salman, Sara and Rohit also make fun of Ranveer Singh and his sartorial choices. Ranveer pretends to be talking to Deepika Padukone and hangs up the phone midway. Salman pretends to be talking to Bigg Boss and discusses whether he would be there for the next season as a host. 

09.35: Ranveer and team decide to matchmake for Salman Khan. Salman says that he wants "achhi", "sushil" and "tikaau" girl. 

09.30: In the next round, Deepak and Romil are pitted against each other. Deepak wins the round and his team - Dipika and Sreesanth win prizes. Team Simmba joins Salman Khan on the stage once again. 

09.25: Salman calls everyone to the sultani akhaada. Sreesanth, Dipika and Deepak are in one team. KV, Somi and Romil are in the other. Housemates have to put forth their point about why they feel they should win the show. Between Romil and Dipika, Romil wins. Between Somi and Deepak, Deepak wins. Between KV and Sreesanth, Sreesanth wins. 

09.20: Ranveer Singh mimics Anil Kapoor announces Sara's team as the winner. Rohit Shetty announces Ranveer's team also as winners. With this the 'Simmba' team leaves the house. 

09.15: Sara Ali Khan wins Deepak's heart. Sara and Ranveer then dance with all the housemates. Rohit decides to make two teams - Sara and Ranveer. Ranveer chooses Somi, Dipika and Surbhi. Sara chooses Deepak and Karanvir. The groups are then asked to do zombie and other funny dance forms. 

09.10: Rohit Shetty enters the house and picks Deepak for a play. He asks the girls in the house to try and impress him one-by-one and Deepak has to take the final call on who'd be able to win his heart. Dipika, Surbhi and Somi try their best to woo him. 

09.05: Team Simmba enjoys a great time inside the house. Housemates are shown a series of news pieces where they have to identify which one is true and which one is false. Deepak Thakur is sad to learn that Urvashi Vani called him her biggest enemy and vowed never to see him. Housemates are shocked to know that Srishty Rode has bagged her Bollywood debut. 

With all the housemates, except for Surbhi Rana, nominated for eviction, it would be shocking to see anyone leaving the house at this stage in the Bigg Boss 12 house.