09.55: Ranveer makes fun of Karan Johar and begins a fake talk show where Ranveer Singh has to play KJo. The entire act ensues a laugh riot. Ranveer and Sara enter the house. 

09.45: Surbhi is sent to the torture room. Surbhi breaks down after the punishment. Romil goes to pacify her and apologises to her. Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Rohit Shetty enter the stage. Salman welcomes them onstage. 

09.35: Salman asks the housemates to take the name of the biggest villain of the hosue. Sreesanth names Surbhi, Dipika names Surbhi, Romil and Deepak also take Surbhi's name, Somi takes Surbhi's name, Karanvir and Surbhi take Sreesanth's name. Surbhi gets the maximum vote for being the villain of the house. 

09.30: Salman asks Karanvir, Romil, Somi and Deepak about their performance in the fire-engine task. Caller of the week has a question for Sreesanth. He asks Sreesanth why does he keep saying, "you are just an actor" to Karanvir everytime. The caller reminds him that even Dipika is just that and how would he feel if people started telling him "you are just a cricketer." 

09.25: Surbhi says that Dipika deserves the first spot. Karanvir takes Surbhi's name, Romil takes Karanvir's name. Dipika takes Sreesanth's name and Sreesanth takes Dipika's name. Deepak also takes Sreesanth's name. Salman then brings up the topic of ticket to finale and congratulates Surbhi. 

09.20: Salman Khan then pulls up Dipika for giving up so easily and standing at the seventh spot. Khan also pulls up everyone for giving Deepak the first spot despite not a single person agreeing on the same. Dipika gives the logic that the focus was on putting strong contenders towards the end and not on being fair. 

09.15: Salman enters the house and cracks a couple of jokes on Karanvir and his eyelashesh. Salman then discusses the ranking task. He says he was shocked to see housemates fighting over who would stand at the seventh spot and not discussing the person standing on the first spot. 

09.10: Karanvir stands on the sixth spot. Surbhi takes Romil's name and Romil takes Surbhi's name for the fifth spot. Sreesanth and Somi takes Surbhi's name. With majority, Surbhi is asked to stand at the fifth spot. Somi gets the fourth spot, Romil gets the third spot and Sreesanth gets the second spot. Surprisingly, Deepak gets the first spot. 

09.05: Sreesanth and Karanvir get into an argument over it. Dipika goes and stands at the seventh spot. Dipika names Somi at the sixth spot. Karanvir takes Romil's name for the sixth spot, Sreesanth takes his own name for the spot. Romil, Deepak and Somi take KV's name for the sixth spot. Surbhi takes Romil's name.

09.00: Housemates are asked to rank each other once again. Somi, Karanvir, Romil, Surbhi and Deepak put Dipika at the seventh spot. Housemates say that Dipika has reduced herself to just Sreesanth's spokesperson. Dipika says that Somi should be at the seventh spot and Sreesanth says that Karanvir deserves the last spot. 

Salman Khan is all set to make the last weekend ka vaar super fun and entertaining.