Megha Dhade and Deepak
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10.00: Sreesanth threatens to teach the housemates a lesson the next day. 

09.55: A big fight ensues between Sreesanth and Surbhi while he is still isnide the jail. Rohit is seen discussing with Somi that Srishty might have some feelings for him. Rohit agrees with what Somi says. 

09.46: Sreesanth finally agrees to go to the jail. But, he expresses his anger on Bigg Boss and calls the show "the worst show ever" and throws away his mike. Sreesanth decides to take revenge for being sent to the jail. 

09.40: Jasleen fights with Deepak for being unfair. Shivashish and Jasleen try to explain to Sreesanth that they should go and later on raise an issue over this decision.

09.33: Jasleen gets into a fight with Surbhi and Deepak over this. Sreesanth says that he would not go to the jail. Deepak tries to remind Sreesanth his gesture towards Surbhi and pleads with him to go to the jail. 

09.28: Bigg Boss says that the first three housemates to reach the secret room would be able to nominate inmates for kaal-kothri. Saba, Shivashish and Rohit reach the room first. Saba nominates Romil, Shivashish nominates Shivashish, Rohit nominates Sreesanth for going to jail. Bigg Boss gives captain Deepak to free one contestant from the list and send one who has not been nominated. Deepak frees Romil and nominates Jasleen. Jasleen, Sreesanth and Shivashish are the contestants who are sent to the jail. 

09.25: Surbhi and Saba mock Jasleen over their previous day's fight. Housemates start discussing whom they would nominate for the kaal-kothri. Sreesanth discusses with Romil and Rohit to send KV and Jasleen to the jail. Jasleen breaks down in front of Anup Jalota because of the negativity inside the house. 

09.21: Sreesanth and Dipika are seen discussing with Deepak how his attitude changes whenever he enters the captaincy task or nominations. Srishty and Karanvir are seen discussing how Dipika and Sreesanth change their decision without telling anyone. 

09.17: Anup Jalota and Shivashish are seen talking about how they had planned to back out if Deepak becomes the captain and decide to go with it. Srishty and Karanvir too decide to not join the tasks. Sreesanth says that he would work only for today and not for the next days. However, later everyone agrees to work during his captaincy. 

09.14: Surbhi and Deepak are seen discussing that Urvashi is not happy over Deepak being the captain. They also call her a selfish player. Sreesanth is seen talking to Dipika about his bond with Karanvir. He says he wants their friendship to be genuine and not fake. Sreesanth says that it appears that Karanvir is playing a character inside the house and is not being his true self. 

09.10: Megha tries to persuade Deepak and Romil to let her win. She also tells them that if she would give up, she would need a promise from all of them that they would support her the next time. Saba and Surbhi openly say that they would not support her. Deepak and Romil however promise her that they would support her for captaincy task from next time. Megha gives up and Deepak becomes the next captain of the house. 

09.05: Jasleen gives more green chillies to Deepak to have which he eats. Rohit gives half a glass of tobasco sauce to Megha which she drinks. Megha's health starts deteriorating but she refuses to give up. Sreesanth says that Deepak should quit just looking at Megha's spirit. 

09.01: Srishty and Dipika are seen discussing their intial days of animosity or friendship was never hidden from anybody. They discuss that now they have slowly started understanding each other and no one should have a problem with their friendship.

In last night's episode, we had seen Somi Khan quitting the task after a certain point. Tonight, Megha and Deepak would be seen giving each other a tough fight to be the next captain of the house. While Sreesanth had decided to support Deepak, very few housemates were standing in support of Megha. Housemates were of the opinion that since Megha has already won one season of the show, she should let others win and become captain of the house. 

What new twist will tonight's task bring, remains to be seen.