Vikas Gupta, mother sharda gupta
Vikas Gupta and his mother Sharda GuptaTwitter

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta, who is considered one of the strongest contestants in the house, is now being termed as the mastermind and manipulative on the show both by his house inmates and viewers. However, his mother Sharda Gupta begs to differ and says that her son is
merely playing his game.

"Vikas is playing smartly. He is thinking before reacting and isn't impulsive. That is good," the TV producer's mother was quoted as saying by mid-day.

"If planning your actions and playing a game for yourself on a show like this [is being manipulative], then yes, he is so. He doesn't take decisions driven by emotions alone," she added.

In a recent episode, Vikas Gupta was blaming himself for the divorce of his parents during a conversation in the house. To which his mother replied, "He blames himself for no reason. He is a son that every mother wishes to have. I am lucky."

Recently, during the luxury budget task, Vikas lashed out at Akash Dadlani, Priyanka Sharma and Hina Khan and tried to evoke emotions out of them by saying nasty things on their faces while the contestants gulped down his every insult.

Vikas slammed Priyank saying that he makes a girlfriend on every reality show. He also called his relationship with Divya Agarwal in Splitsvilla 10 as fake and even went on to accuse Priyank for using the former only to win the show.

However, Priyank had his own pay back time when Vikas was made to remain emotionless during the task. The former Roadies Rising contestant slammed Vikas for calling his relationship fake and dragging Benafsha and Divya just for winning the task.