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Puneesh Bandgi in Bigg Boss 11Voot

Lovebirds Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma have been in the news for their romance inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. Thus, Bandgi's recent demand for a break-up from Puneesh came as a shocker for the audience.

A recent video showed Bandgi telling Puneesh they should separate. She said everybody inside the house was having problems with their affair, and so they should split. However, Puneesh did not pay any serious attention to her demand, and took it as a joke.

On the other side, Dennis Nagpal — who was Bandgi's boyfriend before she entered the show — has something interesting to say about her break-up wish.

Dennis opined that Bandgi fears she will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 11 any time now, and wants to get a image makeover before returning to the outside world.

"Seeing the video where Bandgi is asking him to breakup clearly shows she is insecure about getting eliminated and wants to finish her relationship with Puneesh and come out of the show clean. Also somewhere back of her mind she knows that their relationship has not been accepted by audience," Dennis told PinkVilla.

Dennis Nagpal, Bandagi Kalra (left), Dennis Nagpal, Puneesh Sharma (right)
Dennis Nagpal, Bandagi Kalra (left), Dennis Nagpal, Puneesh Sharma (right)IANS/Twitter

While this could be one reason behind Bandgi asking for break-up, another rason could be Bandgi again wants to go back to Dennis, and the entire love story with Puneesh was just for the sake of the show.

However, whether Dennis will accept her back is an entirely different story. He had earlier said he would never get back with her after all that she had done with Puneesh in Bigg Boss 11.

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Bandgi and Puneesh had raised many eyebrows with their intimate moments inside the house. The duo was seen cuddling and kissing on the same bed after the lights went off.

Even host Salman Khan once warned them, saying contestants should know they are on national television, and thus be careful about their actions.