Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma (left), Akash Dadlani (right)
Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma (left), Akash Dadlani (right)Voot screenshot

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Puneesh Sharma seems to be getting restless in his endeavour to get intimate with Bandgi Kalra. However, it appears that there is another contestant who is smitten by the lady's beauty, and it is none other than the "notorious" Akash Dadlani.

In an unseen video from one of the latest episodes of Bigg Boss 11, Akash is seen teasing his friend Puneesh by openly flirting with Bandgi. The video also revealed that Akash had recently expressed his desire to see Bandgi in a bikini.

The funniest part is Akash expressed his desire to none other than Puneesh, who apparently was shocked at his words.

The contestants recently had a pool party inside the house where Bandgi and some other ladies were seen in bikini. Talking about the same, Akash started to praise Bandgi's bikini avatar in his usual sleazy tone in front of Puneesh.

He continued flirting with her openly saying that "Bandgi haath se chhut gayi". He even winked at her, following which Puneesh called him "kamina" on a friendly note.

Puneesh added that Akash was asking him to tell Bandgi to quickly wear bikini and come into the pool during the party. However, Puneesh and Bandgi took the entire conversation in jest, and they also laughed at Akash's desperate talks.

Akash then started talking about Benafsha Soonawalla, and was recollecting how he enjoyed with her inside the pool. Luv Tyagi was also part of the conversation as he was inside the jail with Akash. However, Shilpa Shinde was completely avoiding the chat. You can watch the unseen video here.

Puneesh and Bandgi have been raising eyebrows with their cosy behaviour inside the house. The duo often get intimate after the lights are off, and are also heard having dirty talks.

If that is not enough, Puneesh was recently heard asking Bandgi for a "quickie" inside the bathroom. Let's see if Puneesh's desire gets fulfilled or not.