Bigg Boss 11, Puneesh Sharma, Bandgi Kalra
Bigg Boss 11 contestant Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalratwitter

On October 11, we speculated that Bandgi Kalra's boyfriend Dennis Nagpal seems to 'not like' the ongoing 'fake or real' affair in the house with Puneesh Sharma.

Puneesh and Bandgi were seen getting closer. Both were seen holding hands and Puneesh repeatedly kissing her hands. 

Dennis on his Instagram posted a picture which says, "I have removed all the pictures of Bandgi Kalra. Please don't ask why. I don't have pictures with her if we were dating. P.S. She never deserved me."

It is sad how relationships inside and outside of Bigg Boss house take a drastic turn within some time.

Dennis has been retweeting the fans comments about Bandgi and Puneesh's affair. A user asked: "Would have been great if you enter as a wild card entry." To which he replied: "I won't mind"

The reports suggest that Dennis Nagpal is Puneesh Sharma's friend and it was said that Dennis got the two on board for Bigg Boss since he is part of the creative team of the show.

Dennis Bandgi

Dennis later denied being part of Colors team on Twitter.

Bandgi and Puneesh have become this season's couple on the show. Interestingly, both of them are in committed relationships outside the house. Puneesh too is rumoured to be already married.

On the show, Bandgi and Puneesh were heard speaking about the former's boyfriend. WHen Bandgi said that she's scared thinking what will happen after she leaves the house, Puneesh calms her down saying 'I will handle it, leave it on me.' He also told Bandgi that she is not answerable to anyone and they should think about living together once they are out.

Such intimate conversations are said to have made Dennis doubt Bandgi's loyalty. He took the initiative first and announced his break up with her on social media.