Shilpa and Vikas
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Weekend Ka Vaar came as a surprise to all Bigg Boss 11 viewers as the most dignified, mature and graceful contestant among the lot, Hiten Tejawani left the premises in a shocking eviction!

Who was to be blamed? Well, Shilpa Shinde was the actual game-changer here as she chose Priyank Sharma over Hiten Tejwani for eviction.

And now in the recent development, Vikas Gupta (who was close to Hiten) is back with Priyank Sharma. Everyone's questioning whether their fight was 'fake' and total drama. But what came as a shock was Shilpa Shinde's comment on their 'friendship'.

While discussing it with Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa says that it's not 'friend love' between the Vikas and Priyank, it is the tag that was given to Akash Dadlani (Lust). 

Twitter exploded with the comment made by Shilpa and this is how they reacted:

Well, will Salman Khan react to this comment made by Shilpa or will this not be discussed? Only time will tell.

Vikas and Shilpa's mutual respect for each other has always been intact but the two have never backed down when it comes to commenting on how they play.

Coming to this week's nominations, Bigg Boss gives a strict lesson to the contestants for breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house. Contestants try to outsmart Bigg Boss by discussing nominations in a code language. But it is impossible to fool the boss and in a bid to give a life lesson, Bigg Boss nominates everyone for eviction, except for 1 person who followed the rules - Hina Khan.

After Hiten's shocking exit, all the remaining celebrities in the house have raised their guards as they are aware of the fact that the tables can turn any minute in Bigg Boss 11.