Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11 Zubair khan
Salman Khan and Zubair Khan

Bigg Boss 11 host Salman Khan began the controversial reality TV show's Weekend Ka Vaar episode by apologising to the remarks directed towards a contestant during his eviction in his own inimitable way.

Yes, we are talking about the now-evicted contestant Zubair Khan who was kicked out of the show by Salman last week for his rude behaviour inside the house.

Salman made sure to keep everyone - including both the audience and the contestants in the house - glued to their seats when he finally decided to take the stage to issue an apology for comparing a contestant to a dog.

There was a moment of silence when he addressed the audiences saying that he wanted to apologise for calling a contestant of the house 'a dog'.

Surprisingly, the apology was not directed towards Zubair Khan but dogs when Salman, who is known for taking sly digs at the contestants who misbehave on the show, said that he is sorry for comparing such loyal and sweet creatures to a man and burst into laughter.

Zubair Khan, who claimed to be a kin of the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim on the show, had filed a FIR against Salman soon after his eviction alleging that the actor threatened him on the national television. He further demanded a public apology from the Dabangg Khan for his words on the show.

In his complaint registered at Lonavala police station, Zubair claimed that the superstar told him he would not be able to get any work in the industry once he left the house.

The former Bigg Boss 11 contestant also made allegations against the show that it is scripted and said that he was given five lines by the makers every day.