Julie 2 Raai Laxmi and Bigg Boss 11 Priyank Sharma
Julie 2 actress Raai Laxmi and Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank SharmaTwitter

Priyank Sharma body-shaming Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan during the captaincy task on November 23 episode didn't go down well with fans and celebrities alike. While former Bigg Boss contestants like Sayantani Ghosh and Dolly Bindra have slammed Priyank for his insensitive comments, now Julie 2 actress Raai Laxmi has trained her guns at the former Splitsvilla 10 contestant for his shameless behaviour in the house.

"Does Priyank have sisters and a mother? If he has a good background, I don't see this coming from him. And if he has a mother and sister, shame on him. He should tell the same to the ladies in his family, and see how they react. Only then he would know the pain experienced by the other side," Raai Laxmi told Spotboye.

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"What Priyank has done is not sexual harassment, but it's a big insult; it is demeaning girls and letting them down, he is hitting on their dignity and self-respect. He obviously considers women as toys. Who gave him this right? He should go and tell the same thing to his mother and sister and
see how they feel," she added.

Just before the captaincy task, Priyank was seen discussing Shilpa and Arshi and said, "Shilpa Shinde? Arre bhai wo aurat bhaag bhi nahi sakti Shillpa Shinde aur Arshi Khan! Bhagaa ke dikhaa!!! Saand jaisi si to bodies hain unki, weight itna gain kar liya hai. 70-7- 80-80 kilo ke to aap
ban gaye ho yahan pe kha khaake. (Shilpa Shinde? Man these ladies (Shilpa and Arshi) can't even run properly. They have put on so much of weight.)"

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And during the luxury budget task, Priyank and Hina both jumped into the argument to demean Arshi Khan and said, "wo kapde phaadti hai (She tears her clothes off) and wo gym mei provocative way mei workout karti hai (She works out in the gym in a provocative way)."

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Host Salman Khan was also very upset with Priyank's remarks and gave me him a heavy dose of his own medicine during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode making him realise how would he feel if anyone would throw such remarks at his own mother or sister.