Akash Dadlani, Dhinchak Pooja
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Bigg Boss 11 welcomed Dhinchak Pooja last week hoping that the YouTube sensation would help  spike TRP ratings. But inside the house, the online star appeared as a simple girl who is shy of talking about boyfriend.

Since the beginning, she was seen having a good equation with Akash Dadlani. In fact, Arshi Khan also seemed to be quite friendly to her.

In a recent episode, Pooja was seen blushing when Akash said, "I Love You." People who didn't watch it, this thing really happened.

Arshi, Akash, Pooja and Puneesh Sharma were inside the room where Akash was lying on a bed, keeping his head in Pooja's lap.

Arshi Khan pointed out the bond Akash was sharing with Pooja and said that his equation with the Dhinchak girl was different. While both of them immediately said that they are friends, Arshi jumped in the middle saying: "You only say that you like Pooja."

Akash was seen acting cool and then he said: "Fine, I do. Here Pooja, I love you." This made Pooja blush. Then Arshi and Puneesh were seen pulling Pooja's leg and asking about her boyfriend.

Well, it turns out Pooja is not that 'Dhinchak' as she shows herself in the videos. She seemed uncomfortable with the discussion and said that she never had a boyfriend. Pooja admitted she is not interested in having one.

Suddenly, Pooja realises that this entire episode will be shown on television and thus, it will reach to her parents as well. She then asked Akash to get off her. "Mere ghar mein problem hai, mere papa bolege," Dhinchak Pooja pushed him away.

Akash Dadlani, Dhinchak Pooja
Akash Dadlani, Dhinchak PoojaTwitter

This YouTube sensation doesn't seem to be grabbing much attention in the house. On her second day, Pooja broke into tears. Now, Arshi and Akash might drag this "I love you" episode a bit too far to grab some attention. Puneesh and Bandgi Kalra already have been doing the same, haven't they? Will Pooja and Akash apply the similar strategy?