Kishwer Merchantt, Suyyash Rai (left) Hina Khan (right)
Kishwer Merchantt, Suyyash Rai (left) Hina Khan (right)Instagram/Twitter

Hina Khan has been receiving a lot of flak for her behaviour inside Bigg Boss 11 house. And now two other TV celebs Kishwer Merchantt and her husband Suyyash Rai expressed their grudge against Hina and support for Shilpa Shinde.

Recently, Hina got a special privilege to watch some footages from the show where other contestants are seen talking bad about her.

Although Puneesh Sharma was seen making some insulting comments on Hina in the video, the latter got furious about Hina mocking her when she had broken down during her beau Rocky Jaisjwal's visit.

Hina is seen being extremely angry about Shilpa making faces and mocking her while she was profusely crying. Kishwer took to Twitter and said that Hina reacted to Shilpa's actions, who is already her enemy, but ignored what her "friends" said about her. Kishwer opined that Hina is scared that she would be left alone if she had reacted to other's comments.

"Had I been in place of Hina Khan I wud choose what my so called "friends" talk behind my back not what my enemies have to say coz they even talk like that to my face.. task samaj nahi aaya ya sach nahi dekhna chahti thi Tum akele padh jaane ke Darr se ? #BB11," Kishwer tweeted.

Rocky Jaiswal, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde
Rocky Jaiswal, Hina Khan, Shilpa ShindeTwitter

Earlier, Hina was seen confronting Shilpa for cooking food with tap water. She told her not to use tap water for cooking, but Shilpa defended herself saying that the water anyways gets boiled while cooking. However, things had gotten heated up, following which Shilpa had withdrawn herself from kitchen works.

Suyyash also found Hina impolite in her approach and slammed her for being rude to someone who has been cooking for them since long.

"Everytime I try not to think anything negative about Hina she does something!!! Shilpa ji kitchen chodd kyu nai deti...Jab banaana padega khaana tab pata chalega.l How can one be sooo thankless towards the person who has been cooking for you everyday really bad #BB11," he tweeted.

"Hina easily could have done this in a nicer way and said the same thing in a polite manner if not sweetly. What she is saying is not wrong...the way she is saying is bad," Suyyash added. Looks like Hina has found two more haters from the world of TV.