Anita Hassanandani and Karan Patel are one of the best friends of TV industry. Pictured: Anita Hassanandani (on the left) and Karan Patel.
Anita Hassanandani and Karan PatelAnita Hassanandani/Twitter

Actor Karan Patel has been quite vocal about his dislike for Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan on Twitter in the past couple of weeks. While the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor had termed her "fake to the soul" in a an earlier tweet, this time he took a veiled dig at Hina by suggesting that she's like a Hyena.

"I think in the #Wild, the Hyena makes the most #Irritating sound and also is the most #Cunning looking ... i mean thats my opinion of the Hyena ...! By the way i missed #BigBoss11 yesterday, will catch the episode today ..!," Karan tweeted.

Bigg Boss 11: After Karan Patel, Manveer Gurjar and Rupali Ganguly speak against Hina Khan

In another post, he wrote: "I see the animal kingdom has some unity man, a lot of wild #Cats and #Dogs in protest to save the #Hyena...!! �� .... in other news im yet to catch yesterday's episode of #BigBoss11"

Not just Karan, even his Yeh Hai Mohabbatein co-star Anita Hassanandani took to Twitter to shower love on Sakshi Tanwar, Gauahar Khan and Sanjeeda Sheikh, all of whom Hina had looked down upon in the show.

The former Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress compared her popularity on social media with Gauahar when she said, "Gauahar ke bohot kam followers hai. Matlab mere aadhe ka aadha bhi nai hai uske paas (Gauahar has really less followers. She doesn't even have one-forth of what I have on Twitter)". In reality, Hina has 124k followers while Gauahar has 2.17 million followers on Twitter.

Hina Khan puts red chilli powder in Bandgi Kalra's eyes
Hina Khan puts red chilli powder in Bandgi Kalra's eyesPR Handout

Not just that, Hina made an offensive comment on popular TV actress Sakshi Tanwar and had the audacity to call her 'squint eyed.' If this was not enough, she even went on to demean Sanjeeda Sheikh and said how she does not look as beautiful on camera as she looks in real life.

With such demeaning comments about other people in the industry, Hina has not just lost respect among her peers but it also eroded her fan following, who loved her whole-heartedly.